Stanislav Smovdorenko

Hey there!

I'm a full-stack engineer and enterpreneur.


  • Built most of the frontend from scratch, including Magento/Shopify/BigCommerce platform integrations, for Enhanced Checkout @ ShipperHQ
  • Developed a YAML-based dynamic form system and converted all dashboard forms to use it (there are LOTS of them) @ ShipperHQ
  • Constructed the first-ever static Gatsby.js storefront for Adobe Commerce (Magento) and contributed to building and launching several stores on it.
  • Actively contributed to the Adobe Commerce (Magento) core.


  1. Principal Software Engineer @ ShipperHQ

    Enhanced Checkout for Shopify Checkout 2.0

    Implemented, from scratch, the checkout blocks for integrating Enhanced Checkout with Shopify Checkout Extensions.

    Supports delivery date, pickup location, and delivery time selectors.

    I was fully responsible for all phases of architecting, engineering, and deploying the product.

  2. Founder

    Checkout Architect (Shopify App)

    Checkout Architect allows you to customize payment methods (v0.1), checkout upsells using Checkout Extensions, next step capabilities in analytics and marketing. v0.1 is launched and live on App Store. Development postponed due to conflict.

    Checkout Architect
  3. Founder

    GreenUpsell Checkout Offers (Shopify App)

    GreenUpsell is a powerful post-purchase upselling and cross-selling app that helps you boost your sales and customer loyalty. With GreenUpsell, you can easily create and manage funnels of upsells and downsells, set up triggers to display the offers at the right time for the right customers, and configure discounts and other incentives. GreenUpsell is easy to set up and use, and it's fully customizable to fit your needs. GreenUpsell allows you to reuse triggers across funnels to save you time.

  4. Principal Software Engineer / Engineering Manager @ ShipperHQ

    Multiple Projects

    Leading a team and working on greenfield projects.

  5. Principal Software Engineer @ ShipperHQ

    Multiple Projects

    Leading a team and working on greenfield projects.

  6. Senior Software Engineer @ ShipperHQ

    Enhanced Checkout

    Enhanced Checkout empowers you to integrate with headless commerce solutions and PWA themes to offer the fastest and most customizable buying experience possible!

    • Built UI for the initial prototype (integrated with Deity)
    • Prepared a demo for the Magento Imagine conference
    • (Re)built and integrated UI with Magento 2, pre-launch preparation, pre-launch performance testing, etc.
    • Built a custom YAML-based testing framework for the backend (Node.js)
    • Assisted with building, testing, and deploying the AWS stack for it from the ground up (AWS, Ansible)

  7. Senior Software Engineer @ ShipperHQ


    Customer-facing dashboard.

    Engineered and coded mostly alone (all of the items below):

    • Migrated most of the Rails-based customer portal to use React.js views (the ones you see today)
    • Developed a custom solution for defining forms in YAML, including various types of conditions, relations, etc. (currently in use)
    • Marketplace - a catalog of carriers available on ShipperHQ
    • Carrier Wizard - allows users to install carriers quickly from the carrier list page
    • Trial Wizard - simplifies the sign-up process for customers
    • Analytics:
      • AWS infrastructure - implementation, testing, pre-deployment preparation, and support
      • Engineered Rails dashboard
    • Scope management - allows users to copy data between environment scopes, create backups, and more

    Created a test suite for Ruby/JS code (mostly) from scratch in the process with > 1K tests

  8. Founder @ Mobelop

    Multiple Projects (Magento 2)

    Implemented first-ever statically generated Gatsby.js Magento 2 frontend + source plugin for it.

    Launched two live stores for clients based on it.

  9. Senior Engineer @ Rocketweb

    Multiple Projects (Magento 2)

    Collaborated with a team on the implementation of several Magento 2 projects and custom Magento extensions tailored to client needs (, Rogers & Hollands).

    Optimized their NetSuite connector, resulting in a 10x+ improvement in the speed of catalog and order synchronization.

    Worked closely with clients to gather requirements and ensure the delivered solutions met their expectations.

    Provided technical support and maintenance for the implemented projects, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

  10. Founder

    BusinesBox (Mobile App)

    Invoicing and mobile payments solution for small businesses in Europe.

    • Handled business development and strategy
    • Presented the solution at TechCrunch Disrupt
    • Identified and partnered with a hardware supplier, integrating their products with the mobile app for seamless functionality
    • Collaborated with the development team to ensure the app met user requirements and industry standards
    • Assisted with marketing efforts to increase product visibility and reach the target audience

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